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PVC Film For Stickers Labels

  We manufacture PVC blown films for many different applications in numerous thickness & characteristics.

  PVC film for stickers is available in rigid and semi-soft grades.

  Thickness ranges from 10 micron to 100 micron.

  Different sizes are available upto 39” 1000 m.m.

  Colors like clear transparent, opaque white, yellow and black, which are market standards.

  It has high gloss and optical properties with a uniform dispersion of color all throughout and easily printable. It is excellent low cost replacement for high cost calendared PVC film. We have also developed paper matt film for printing of calendars and posters.

 PVC METALLISED FILMS : we supply metallised PVC films for many packaging like gift over wrapping and decorative applications.

  RIGID PVC FILMS : we have developed unplasticized PVC film for general wrapping, sealing, stickers, photo album, etc.